servers are too busy:用英文说一段分手的话?

The time we be together is not long,but you bring me more happiness as well as deep pain.The magetic field between us is special.I know you are the only one,and that is why I am attracted to you. I don\'t know what to say,and you are too busy,I know that you are filled with ambition to become a successful man. Only hope you can be happy from now on.

servers are too busy:用英文说一段分手的话?



servers are too busy:用英文说一段分手的话?

最简单直接的表达是servers are too busy:I am very busy at work.

比较形象的表达是servers are too busy:We all have those days that pass like a whirlwind. 我们都忙得不可开交。

英语当中Snowed under常用来形容“忙得不可开交”servers are too busy。 I\'m snowed under with work today. And I need some time to relax. 我今天一整天都很忙,我需要放松一下。


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