seoul days是什么意思:lasttwodays是什么意思?

  last two days的中文翻译_  last two days  过去的2天  双语例句  

seoul days是什么意思:lasttwodays是什么意思?

1  I have had a terrible headache for the last two days.  两天来我一直头痛得厉害seoul days是什么意思。  

seoul days是什么意思:lasttwodays是什么意思?

2  I\'ll spend the last two days shopping and visiting some friends in Shanghai.  最后两天时间,我将在上海买点东西,看看朋友seoul days是什么意思。  

3  It had been agreed in informal consultations that the session would last two days.  非正式协商中已经商定seoul days是什么意思,会议应当维持两天。


seven sunday七个星期日双语例句1Dr. Keen arrived about seven on Sunday morning. 基恩博士是星期天早上7点左右抵达的。 2All this must be delivered by seven o\'clock Sunday morning. 这么多广告都必须在星期天上午七点以前送完。 3Seven o\'clock Sunday evening is considered a prime time TV slot. 星期天晚上7点钟被认为是电视黄金时间。

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